Hunzinger Rocking Chair By George Hunzinger

Here’s an original and rare George Hunzinger rocking chair with original mahogany finish. The rocking chair has the patented steel webbing that is rarely found. It’s in great condition and will make a great addition to your home.

George Hunzinger furniture designs stood out from other furniture makers because of his innovation and creative designs, and the fact that he patented most of his furniture.

You’ll find many of his rocking chairs around, but this is one of his rarer ones. In fact, you may not be able find another rocker like this one. The only one I was able to find via my research is the one that is on display in the New York Arts Museum.  It is only similar to this one.

Our chair is covered with cloth metal banding on the seat and back with an original finish. The rocker is Stamped on right rail with the inscription “Hunzinger, pat. date Sept. 18, 1876?.

The chair has minor wear to banding but is not noticeable unless you search for it.  It is in excellent condition given the age, and although it is antique, it looks very modern and will fit into any deco.

Your Investment: $2,495.00

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